Key Tweets for the week ahead


Here are your 5 key tweets for the week ahead:

This week you’ll find suggested tweets on our new bailiff research, as well as a new law on tenant fees.

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Here are your 5 key tweets for the week ahead:

  • New polling from @CitizensAdvice and #TakingControl partners finds 8 in 10 people back an independent bailiff regulator. It’s time for #bailiffreform to protect people from the harm poor debt collection practices cause


  • Most landlords own more than 1 property and many aren’t meeting their legal obligations. @CitizensAdvice is looking at what needs to be done to protect tenants in privately-rented properties

  • The #TenantFeesBill has gained Royal Assent and is now the #TenantFeesAct – this means it’s law and government expects it to come into force from June. If you’re looking to rent, this could save you money – we’ll keep you updated 

  • If you’re disabled or have a health condition that affects your mobility, you can apply for a Blue Badge. Our advice can help


  • Research from @CitizensAdvice shows half of people on #UniversalCredit struggle to pay for their housing as they wait for payment – here’s what you need to know in 150 words
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