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Tips for online buying/refunds

I ordered a watch online with personalised engraving for my partner’s upcoming 40th birthday. The company has since gone out of business. I keep phoning and emailing them but can’t get through to... View Article

Help for Tenants in damp properties

As the weather has turned colder, I’ve noticed black mould and damp in our flat. Our letting agency said they would speak to our landlord, but nothing has happened. I’m really worried about... View Article

Cost of Living

The cost of things just keeps going up. I’ve made cutbacks and, at the moment, I’m just about managing but I’m really worried about how I’ll cope as it starts getting colder. What... View Article

Help with School Costs

My oldest child has started school and, with uniforms and PE kits, the costs are mounting. The school we got into isn’t within walking distance so I now need to budget for bus... View Article

Problems with Airport Delays

We booked a holiday abroad some time ago, but after hearing about all the problems at airports, I’m really worried. What do we do if our flight is cancelled or delayed? The Citizens... View Article

Help with rising prices

I am a single parent, with two young children. I am already struggling to stay on top of my household bills, my weekly food shop is getting much more expensive and now my... View Article

Managing your money at Christmas

It feels like everything is getting more and more expensive and with Christmas coming up, I’m really worried about how I’ll manage. My partner and I would love to treat our kids but... View Article

Advice on renting a property

I’m moving into a shared house with friends for the first time. Although I’m excited, I’m also a bit nervous as I’ve never rented from a private landlord before. What should I look... View Article

Help with the costs of school.

I’m a single parent and lost my job during the pandemic. My local Citizens Advice helped me apply for Universal Credit which has been really helpful to cover some of the income I’ve... View Article

From Couch to Financial Fitness

The Money and Pensions Service has launched a new online programme inspired by the popular step-by-step training app, Couch to 5K to help people build back their financial fitness during the pandemic. Users can... View Article

Covid-19 Scams

I’m really worried about my elderly relatives being targeted by coronavirus scams – are there any warning signs that I can tell them to look out for? What should they do if they... View Article

Falling behind with your Bills?

I’ve fallen behind on my bills and the debts are building up. Where do I start? You’ve already taken a great first step by asking for help, and it’s important to know you... View Article