Help for Tenants in damp properties

As the weather has turned colder, I’ve noticed black
mould and damp in our flat.

Our letting agency said they would speak to our
landlord, but nothing has happened. I’m really worried about how this might
affect our health.

Our tenancy agreement isn’t up for eight months, what can I

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to work out the cause of mould or damp. This can
make it difficult to work out if your landlord is responsible. The most common causes
are rising, penetrating, construction and condensation damp.

On our website there is
information that may help you work out what type of damp you have, who is
responsible and what you can do. Check your tenancy agreement too for mentions
of repairs and damp.

A landlord will have to act in relation to damp if it makes the property unsafe for
someone to live in, e.g. if it is making them ill. The landlord will also be responsible if
the damp is related to repairs they should have carried out, like if heaters are broken.

One of the most common causes of damp is condensation. To prevent this, it’s
important to keep homes well-heated and well-ventilated, but this is expensive. You
may be eligible for help to insulate and heat your home.

If your landlord is responsible for the damp in your property but doesn’t act, you can
report them to the local authority. If you’re in social housing you might also be able to
use the landlord’s formal complaints procedure. Visit our website to find out more. If
it reaches the point where you want to get out of a fixed term tenancy agreement
early, do speak to an adviser first. Contact your local Citizens Advice on 015394
46464 or 0808 2787 984 for personalised support.

Free, confidential advice and help is available from South Lakes Citizens
Advice on any aspect of debt, consumer problems, benefits, housing,
employment or any other problems. South Lakes Citizens Advice, your local
charity, is here for you. How to access:
 Call 015394 46464 – this is being staffed from 9:30 – 2pm
 Adviceline: 0808 2787 984
 email advice via our submission page on our website
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