Advice on credit card debt

Over the past year, I have been getting into debt as my wages don’t keep pace with inflation. Every time I reach my credit card limit, the company increases it automatically. At first I thought this was wonderful but now I can’t see how I will ever repay it. What can I do?

Citizens Advice have found that many people are in your situation – irresponsible credit card lenders are pushing people further into the red by raising their credit limit without checking their ability to repay it.

It’s really important that anyone who is struggling to pay off their credit card seeks debt advice as soon as possible. Citizens Advice can help you to work out the best way to manage your finances and strategies for repaying your debt. They can also help you to maximise your income, including any benefits or tax credits you may be entitled to.

If you feel you are entering into a credit card debt spiral, get help as soon as you can.

Free, confidential advice and help is available from South Lakes Citizens Advice on any aspect of debt, consumer problems, benefits, housing, employment or any other problems. We have various outlets across South Lakeland and can also give advice over the phone – telephone 03444 111 444 for an appointment and help, 015394 46464 for debt and on-going enquiries.

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