Advice on business energy debts

I run a small business. It’s been a very difficult six months for us – we lost a contract
with one of our major clients and I just haven’t been able to replace it with new

Now I’ve received a huge energy bill. It feels like the last straw and I’m
really stressed.

The first thing to do is to call the Citizens Advice consumer service on 0808 223 1133 .

They can often help to resolve problems with energy suppliers. Do this quickly – if you’re
on a business contract and you are disconnected, an extra fee can be added to your bill,
and another charge for being reconnected.

Check the bill is correct and not estimated. If you are a microbusiness they can’t send you
a bill dating back longer than a year. If the bill is correct, but you just can’t afford it, your
energy supplier might agree to a payment plan. The Business Debtline number is
0800 197 6026.

You may find switching energy companies will save you money. You could also try energy
efficiency measures such as switching off computers and other equipment overnight, using
energy efficient light bulbs or making sure your premises are insulated..

Free, confidential advice and help is available from South Lakes Citizens Advice on
any aspect of debt, consumer problems, benefits, housing, employment or any
other problems. We can give detailed advice over the phone – telephone 03444 111
444. For email see our website: . We have various
outlets across South Lakeland if an appointment is required. For Money Advice and
for on-going enquiries please call 015394 46464.