Advice on Rent Arrears.

I am renting and have an assured shorthold tenancy. I have been falling behind with the rent for a few months. I am working full time but my wages aren’t enough. I am worried about losing my home.

What can I do?

Take action quickly – your landlord can evict you for non-payment of rent, but
they have to serve you with an eviction notice and go to court first. Contact
them and explain why you’re struggling. Check that you both agree exactly
how much you owe. Try to get them to agree to a payment plan for the
arrears, so you can pay them off gradually. The plan should be written down
and signed by the landlord.

To make a realistic plan, and to continue paying your rent so you don’t lose
your home, create a budget by adding up your essential living costs and take
these away from your income. Use the Citizens Advice budgeting tool and
benefits calculator to see if you can increase your income. Try to find cheaper
deals on your energy, phone and broadband.

If the landlord won’t agree a plan, or serves you with an eviction notice, get
advice urgently. If you do get evicted, ask the council for help. For help with
your budget, negotiating a rent payment plan, or eviction advice contact South
Lakes Citizens Advice on 03444 111 444.

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