Advice on problems with mail order deliveries

Have you had problems with on-line parcel delivery?

Citizens Advice research has found that two in three online shoppers have had parcels delivered late, damaged, left in non-secure places like rubbish bins, or ‘failed’ -where they wait in, only to receive a note saying they were out. Most people don’t complain, or find that the sender says it’s not their fault.

The retailer is responsible for getting orders delivered to you, not the parcel company. Contact the sender if an item hasn’t arrived by the date agreed or within 30 days. You can cancel the order and get a refund for the goods and basic (not premium) delivery costs.

If a parcel is damaged, contact the retailer and they should either offer to send you a new item or refund you.

If someone was waiting at home for the parcel, but a note said it couldn’t be delivered, you can cancel the order and get a refund if it’s been less than 14 days since you bought it – or just arrange another delivery time.  Although legally you’re not entitled to compensation, it’s worth complaining to the delivery firm and retailer.

If you get a note saying your parcel has been left in a certain location but it isn’t there, the retailer should replace it or give you your money back. If you receive the item but aren’t happy with where it was left, complain to both the retailer and delivery firm, though there is no legal right to compensation.

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