Advice on travel insurance

I’m planning a long holiday and have been struggling to find travel insurance for a reasonable price. I’ve found a good deal from a Facebook advert but my friend thinks it might be a scam. How can I be sure if it’s legitimate?

Your friend is right – you should do some research on the company first.

Insurance sellers must be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – check on the FCA website.  If they aren’t listed, don’t use them. If they are, it’s still worth doing further checks. Compare the price to similar offers from competitors. Big discounts are often a telltale sign of a scam, but the policy could be cheap because it doesn’t provide adequate cover.  Ask for a copy of the full policy so you can check what you will get. If the seller won’t provide one upfront, don’t use them.

Once you know the seller is legitimate use a secure payment method, not a bank transfer.

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