Online Dating Scammers!

I recently joined a dating website. I was contacted by a lovely man and
we now email every day, although we haven’t met in person yet.

We had arranged to go for a meal, but then he cancelled because he needs to
concentrate on fundraising for medication for his daughter. He’s asked
me to contribute but I’m unsure because I’ve only known him a short


You’re right to be cautious. Unfortunately dating sites are increasingly being
targeted by unscrupulous people. It can be difficult to accept that someone
you’ve developed feelings for is trying to swindle you. But scammers are
highly skilled at using emotional triggers to persuade people to part with

A reluctance to call, Skype or meet you could be a red flag that this is a scam.

Other things to look out for include profile information not matching what he
tells you, expressing strong emotions in a short period of time, moving the
conversation away from the dating site to private email or messaging, and
asking lots of personal questions – but giving away very little in return.

Trust your instincts and if in any doubt, don’t part with your money.

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