South Lakes Citizens Advice Bureau Charity Cross-bay Walk

Saturday 5 september 2015 at 10.30am

The Bay Walk is a major part of this fund-raising effort. We think all who take part will have a great experience and lots of fun while at the same time raising funds through sponsorship by family, friends and work colleagues.

We advise early registration to avoid disappointment, as the number of SLCAB participants on this walk is limited to 200. This will also enable us to manage your participation efficiently – and give you more time to get sponsors.

There is a registration fee of £5 for each person participating (children under 11 go free). This is non-refundable and covers our costs of organising the event.

What is the Walk and what does it involve?

  • The Walk is scheduled to start at Arnside promenade at 10.30 a.m. and to finish at Kents Bank station. The Walk will be led by Cedric Robinson MBE, the Queen’s Guide to the Sands, and we will take his advice if in his view the conditions in the Bay require a change to the route of the Walk or even its cancellation – the safety of those taking part is an absolute priority. We will post any updates, travel timetables etc on this website so do check back.
  • The Walk is about 8 miles long and takes about 3 hours. It starts along a stony beach, then moves out across the sands of the Bay, with some stretches of wading through water (typically knee deep for an average adult), and finishes across grassy marshland, muddy in places and perhaps involving crossing a few gullies (depending on the route chosen by the Queen’s Guide).
  • Unfortunately it is NOT suitable for disabled people using wheelchairs or walking aids, or for pushchairs.
  • We require all individuals under 16 years of age to be accompanied by at least one adult. It is for those adults to decide whether the Walk is appropriate for children of any age but particularly under 11s – they should be capable of reasonably strenuous and sustained walking.
  • Everyone should wear clothing and footwear appropriate for the conditions on the day (the Bay is an exposed place and can be windy), and bring water and any food that might be needed.
  • Cedric Robinson takes every precaution to keep the walkers together, with stops to let slower walkers catch up. A tractor and trailer follows in case anyone is unable to complete the Walk under their own steam. In addition SLCAB stewards will be on the Walk to help out.

These explanations should give anyone considering taking part a clear, realistic view of what to expect.

There are other websites such as which you can consult. We must emphasise that each walker participates at his or her own risk and that SLCAB cannot accept any liability for injury, damage or loss of property during the Walk.

In the unlikely event that the Queen’s Guide decides that conditions are such that the Walk must be cancelled for safety reasons, we will do our utmost to contact all those who have registered to walk but SLCAB cannot accept any liability for any costs that an individual has incurred in order to participate.


There is limited parking at Arnside, along and at the end of the promenade, and some scope for on road parking in the vicinity of Kents Bank station. This is a residential area and a bus route. Please be considerate when parking – don’t obstruct drives, and leave enough clearance for other vehicles to use the road.

Alternatively participants can use the public car parks at Grange over Sands. If you plan to park at Kents Bank or Grange over Sands to take the train to Arnside, allow plenty of time in case trains are overcrowded or delayed.

On the Day

On the day of the Walk, registered participants must check in prior to starting the Walk. From 09.00 onwards, we’ll be located beside the clock tower at the end of the Arnside promenade closest to Arnside station – look out for SLCAB banner and signs.

Other groups may be registering for this Walk, so it is advisable to check in well before 10.30 a.m. You will be able to buy food and drink in shops in Arnside, but please be considerate – many of them are small and can’t accommodate large groups of backpack-swinging customers!

When you finish the Walk at Kents Bank station you will be in a residential location so please be considerate as you leave. Also, Cedric Robinson receives no money at all for guiding Morecambe Bay walks, so perhaps remember to take some change to drop in his bucket at the end of the Walk.

What next?

Click on the link below to get the registration form, complete it and send it off with the £5 registration fee for each person participating (children under 11 go free).

No-one will be allowed to participate without having registered; this is the only way we can keep to our safety procedures.

Any surplus we make will come from the proceeds of sponsorship – so please, download the sponsorship form and start collecting pledges!

And remember, your sponsors can increase the value of their donation by agreeing to Gift Aid.

You can pay for registration by cheque (address on registration form).

You can pay sponsorship monies by PayPal (details later), but we’ll need you to send the sponsorship form to us so that we can claim gift aid where appropriate and generally be accountable for the monies we receive.

We look forward to seeing you on what we hope will be an enjoyable and memorable Walk for each person who participates, and thereby contributes much needed financial support in these challenging times.

Finally, if you think you might be interested in helping SLCAB as a volunteer or trustee, we’d love to hear from you – just ring 01539 447185.

Thank you for your interest!